Purchasing Your Desired Car At An Affordable Price in The US

Monmouth-Ocean NJ auto loans bad creditJerseycarloans.com used median incomes, average insurance costs and sales tax data to determine an affordable sale price for a new car in each of the 50 largest U.S. cities. This is on a 48 month loan for a car in the US. 

Check our short list to see if you live in a city where a car doesn’t cost much. We are are all about finding you a new car to drive so shop today for your new ride today in Jersey City.  All the prices for new cars in the city are estimate to the nearest dollar.

  1. San Jose – Affordable price: $33,000
  2. San Francisco  – Affordable price: $32,000
  3. Seattle – Affordable price: $26,000
  4. Detroit – Affordable price: $6,000
  5. Rochester NY – Affordable price: $7,300
  6. Cleveland – Affordable price: $7,600
  7. Hartford CT – Affordable price: $8,000
  8. Cincinnati – Affordable price: $11,000
  9. Miami – Affordable price: $9,000
  10. Philadelphia – Affordable price: $12,000
  11. Pittsburgh – Affordable price: $14,000
  12. Atlanta – Affordable price: $16,000

These car prices are all based on median income levels. If you are low in cash you might want to think about apply for an auto loan in the NJ area to make the process go by smoother and start working on getting a large down payment for the car you want to buy.

You can also look to see if a used car in Jersey City might be a little more flexible for you with down payment and every thing.

We can help you get the ball rolling for a new car in Jersey City right now and financing take 3 minutes or less.

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